Please read it - if you will use DHL as your shipping method

Thank you for read this page.

This page explains what you agree to when you wish to ship by DHL.

If you choose DHL as your shipping method, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

*We stopped ship to the USA by DHL, due to DHL said need complete clearance for import.

Terms and Conditions for using DHL.

1. formal customs clearance is required.
Unlike EMS delivery, DHL delivery requires formal customs clearance.
You must check the laws and systems of the designated recipient country.
If the DHL branch in the recipient country requires you to submit the required documents for customs clearance,
or if you require payment of customs duties, please submit or pay.
We do not support issues arising from the laws and systems of the host country.

2. We will not bear any amount required in the recipient country.
Customs duties, customs fees and all other required amounts.(but if it is due to our mistake, we will pay it.)

3. If you refuse to receive the item, you need to pay the return shipping fee.
EMS delivery with free return, but DHL needs a return shipping fee.
Return Shipping fee is not the same as the order shipping fee!
You can check the return shipping fee in the DHL homepage(return shipping fee is the same general shipping fee).
If the return shipping fee is higher than the order amount, we will discard the item and not refund.
Please let us know by reply - which you agree or disagree with the above.

4.Need more time for delivery.
Additional time is required due to customs clearance.

5.For EU residents
Due to the new customs regulations in the EU, all imports are subject to EU-set tariffs. The customs or shipping company of the destination country will send you instructions on how to pay the customs duties to the registered e-mail address, phone or post, etc., and the buyer is responsible for paying the tax before the goods arrive. Lenstok is not responsible for these taxes under any circumstances.