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This page has notes on things you should know before using Lenstok.

Any disadvantages that have not been properly identified on this page are due to the person who placed the order.


Lenstok is a specialized lens sales site that deals only with lenses approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Lenstok is operated by a company that has been granted a high-level medical device license for lens sales according to Japanese law.
You can also inquire about the site and inquiries in English.
Please be sure to set up your e-mail account so that all instructions will be sent by e-mail.
Lenstok does not take any responsibility for any problems caused by omission of the mail.

[About Shipping Area]

Lenstok can be shipped to more than 220 countries / regions worldwide.
However, delivery may be delayed or rejected due to the situation of the destination.
If the region is not available for shipping, we will contact you and cancel your order.

[About the product]

All lenses handled at Lenstok are licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Health,
Most of the lenses sold in Japan (over 300 brands, 1800 different types of lenses) are available.
If you would like to purchase a product that has not yet been uploaded to Lenstok, please contact us by e-mail.

[Caution when ordering]

You may be subject to customs duties determined by the country of delivery, depending on the country of delivery specified when you place your order.

All taxes (taxes, duties, etc.) imposed due to imports shall be borne by the importer and Lenstok will not respond in any way to this matter.

Please contact the customs office of each country for details.

[For stock]

All items sold at Lenstok
Customer order → Order to lens dealer → Contact Lens arrival in Lenstok → Checking and Shipping
In this process, the lens seller may notify you of missing parts after ordering.
In this case, we will contact you and we will process your order according to your decision, such as waiting / canceling your order.

In the lenstok, all of these processing by e-mail. please check your e-mail.

[About Shipping]

Delivery is international courier (2 ~ 3 days after shipment) and general shipping (2 weeks after shipment) You can choose from. (The amount of the guarantee depends on the selected shipping method)

Lenstok's entire liability is discarded when the order is delivered to the shipper without any problems, and the courier is responsible for any accidents that occur during subsequent shipments.

If there is any damage / loss during delivery, please contact us. we will reimburse the shipping company for the lower amount of the order payment and the guarantee amount - After confirming with the courier.

[Payment Method]

Credit cards(Visa, Master), Paypal are available.

[From order to shipment]

*Shipping after order: 7-10 days (excluding weekends and japanese holidays)
※Due to manufacturer shortage, manufacturer shipment delay, etc., it may not be shipped within the above period.
※If order is not available for a long time, we will send e-mail and we will process your order according to your decision, such as waiting / canceling your order.

[Return, exchange]

In Lenstok, your remorse, your personal circumstances, returns, exchanges are not accepted.
For defective products, Items different from order, please contact us by e-mail with the photos without dismissing them immediately.
We will contact you for more details.

[Cancellation and change of order]

After the approval, the order cannot be canceled or changed.
In the case of payment using coupons, coupons used for cancellation will not be reissued, so please check again at the time of payment and make a payment.

[Customer Center]

Inquiry board: Click(Support Korean, Japanese, English)
Phone : Telephone inquiries will not be accepted.
Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 12: 00/13: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Closed on weekends and Japanese holidays)
Answers to your email inquiries will be answered during business hours.
Please note that inquiries other than weekends, holidays, it will take more time to respond.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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